Laurence Dumont L'EAU DE VOYAGE Eau de Cologne - Size: 100 ml

"Return of China with this legendary water with aromas of Osmanthus flower, sweet and apricot. A fruity start and a woody background surround the small flower with fresh and tonic accents of green tea. Citrus notes in top notes, we mixed notes of flowers and sunny Osmanthus flower. It is a flower of happiness, with apricot scents that delight gourmands and lovers of notes with hints of sun. From the Greek, ""Osmanthus"" means ""fragrant flowers"". In China, it is one of the ten traditional flowers appreciated and worked for its fragrance for millennia. It is also quoted many times in Chinese poems and legends as a tree with unforgettable little flowers ... This refreshing and sunny cologne is close to our traditional and generous universe. Our touch more? This is the work of the cologne from a subtly greedy angle. A key, a delicate and original creation. Among the four olfactory universe sources of our inspiration (Traditional Vanilla, Travel Diary, Childhood Memories, the Orchard), the Eau de Cologne Gourmande: ""the Eau du Voyage"" has become a natural part of the Carnet family trip. We wanted to respect the very essence of an original Eau de Cologne ... Water with authentic notes for both men and women. A light concentration allowing all uses that have been used for generations: delicately perfume your cabinets, sheets and small tissues. Give a boost to your laundry by adding a few drops of cologne in your washing machine or iron ... The most greedy can even scent the water of their bath for a moment of relaxation and pure delight. For almost 4 centuries, we have been offering unique benefits to Eau de Cologne: it disinfected and purified the dishes and the body. Its smell was known to tone the body and mind! Several works evoke the original recipe for cologne. But it was in 1788 that Jean-Marie Farina, famous Italian perfumer, officially inherited its creation and became the owner of this water still called Eau de Cologne today. Star at the Court, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Napoleon were faithful users. Napoleon rubbed himself with Jean-Marie Farina's Eau de Cologne and believed in his ""whiplash"" and exciting cerebral virtues. He carried it everywhere with him in flasks! This Eau de Cologne is made of 95% natural ingredients. We select pure and high quality ingredients in the natural environment and natural vanilla extracts from Madagascar, Mexico or India. Associated with a 100% natural alcohol, guaranteed phthalate free to obtain compositions with the sincere notes, authentic and which come alive on the skin. In the respect of the traditions, 21 days of maceration are necessary to allow the subtle alliance of fruits, spices, flowers and alcohol. This aging under controlled temperature provides a balanced olfactory construction. Particular care is also given to the icing and filtration steps which determine the stability and consistency of the compositions over time."

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